Every business needs are different. Plus, I do a lot of different kinds of writing. And I offer video.

How much you’ll pay works like this…

  • Cost is established on an individual basis – that’s how it is with creatives.
  • You tell me what you need and I give you a proposal. We negotiate if necessary.
  • I quote a flat rate based on the project. Sometimes I’ll quote by the word but almost never by the hour.
  • I sit in the middle of pricing. I’m not the cheapest, but I’m not the most expensive, either.
  • If it’s a big project, I write a scope to ensure we both know what is expected (when, the kind of  work, etc.).
  • If you need more than we agreed on, it will probably cost. But I’ll ask first so you can decide.
  • No matter how big or small the project, everyone gets three (3) drafts of writing. Usually there is no need for three because I nailed it. But it’s there.

Now, ask yourself this:

What can a professional writer do for me?

Anyone can write. We’re taught how in school. But the kind of writing you need? If you can write persuasive copy (be honest with yourself) then you probably don’t need me. But my guess is that you do.