Social Media

Government studies have shown that half of all shoppers digitally engage with food before they shop. And they especially use social media. After, when they have bought your product or service and liked it (as they invariably will), they share. You can’t buy this kind of endorsement.

I work with marketing strategists to give you a digital marketing plan. Then I ensure your material is consistent and your content is suited to your customers. I build relationships.

What You Get From Me:

Engaging posts

– writing or coaching you to ensure your posts get shared. Always entertaining, interesting, and on-point

Editorial calendar

– plotting out the future saves you time and means you can incorporate effective real world initiatives with any online promotions

Monthly reports

– see how things are going. Then make adjustments to your digital marketing and boost your profile. I always include relevant stats and analytics, a performance review, and recommendations for more robust networking.

I also give full service social content – set up new channels; write posts; upload your videos; provide photography (ensuring all is legal); answer posts during the week days; and more (because there is always more)