Leslie’s experience writing for food and culinary markets put her far ahead of our usual copywriters. 

Robert Dodds – CEO,  Primal Communications

I make your digital and print communications work for you. The interest your words generate turns into action for you.

When you have compelling stories about product knowledge, work experiences, industry perspectives, or your community associations, you get read and you get shared.

I’m a food specialist, not a generic writer. I know your customer; I can connect your passion with theirs. Food has been my business for 40 years.

What You Always Get From Me


– To get you focused attention, I ask a lot of questions. Then I can give you exactly what you need.


– You’ll have authority because I get to know your business from all sides (including your competition).

Targeted Writing

– People want what you have when you are informative, engaging, and irresistible.

Brand Continuity

– Your committment to professionalism shows; I match your tone with your imagery and values.


– If your project requires it, I hire experts I trust from my group of professionals.