Quick Pickled Vegetables

Here’s an easy way to pickle veggies overnight. The recipe is from Fannie Farmer and I was asked to make for former client, Peggy Boulter. Thanks, Peggy; I’ve being making ever since those days when I was your personal chef.

In reality, I was an in-home cook, which is what I called myself. Not nearly so glamorous a title, but if I were an honest to goodness chef who had trained and taken that legendary abuse, it would piss me off that cooks thought it was okay to upgrade themselves. What’s wrong with being a cook anyway? Fannie Farmer knew plenty, as you can see.


1 c. vinegar
½ c. sugar
Simmer 5 min. Pour over sliced veg in a glass jar. Ready the next day.
Will pickle 3-4 beets or the equivalent.


Things I’ve learned by messing with the basic concept:

– Distilled white vinegar gives the clearest pickling brine.

– Brine can be used 2 or 3 times. After that it becomes diluted, which can be good depending on what you’re pickling, otherwise discard. Go ahead and repurpose beet brine, as you can see from the picture of this kohlrabi, it makes things pretty.

– Blanched or cooked veg that pickle well: carrots sticks; beets & beet stems (but not together); whole green beans.

– Uncooked veg that pickle well: kohlrabi sticks; turnip slices; daikon radish sticks; cucumber chunks; jalapeño or other whole fresh chiles.

– Different vinegars are different strengths so adjust sugar. I’ve tried apple cider, red and white wine but like plain white the best, though it is the strongest.

– Whole spices that change the pickling flavour (not necessarily together): caraway, cinnamon sticks, juniper berries, allspice, cloves, cumin seed, chilli pepper.