Work That Made a Difference

Sometimes it’s a big difference, sometimes small. It doesn’t matter so long as it does its intended job. 



My client was CREW and my subject was Silver Valley Farms. Easy in every way. So brand new (December 2017) there’s no pictures yet.

Glenburn Soda Fountain – Labels and Brochure copywriting

This was way too easy. I worked with Foodie Photographer, Tracey Kusiewicz and had to eat the product after the shoot (no shaving cream here!). My real job was to write Glenburn’s label and brochure copy for their to-be-lauched sauces and their off-site catering services.

CORI’S KITCHEN – Director of Communications / Writer 

The company needed everything – website, social pages, print collateral, packaging – as it expanded its customer base from its comfortable Vancouver neighbourhood to cover 40+ new stores throughout BC. My first challenge was to give them a voice that would establish the Cori brand and guide all future visual and written messaging. From there, I co-ordinated and wrote everything they needed. Though they are rebranding to fit their new mandate, they remain, “Fresh, Healthy & Local”.

This is Cori


Cori’s Kitchen Orange Juice Promotion – Copywriter / Art Director

Graphic Design – Erin Wormsbecker

Photographer – Hamid Attie

One of Cori’s Kitchen best sellling products is their freshly squeezed orange juice, but customers complained that it wasn’t always the same. The company wanted to let them know they had something special. We decided to put my message on a shelf talker for Stong’s Market which could also be sent out to their 40 other retailers. The same message was also delivered through the company’s social media channels.


STONG’S Print Ads – Copywriter / Art Director

Graphic Designer – No Shortcuts Design

Photographer – Hamid Attie

This is the September/October ad from of a series of five seasonal ads (Christmas is a season in retail) I produced and wrote for Stong’s Market for Dunbar Life magazine, a print and online publication. These ads were a way to promote the Cori’s Kitchen brand within the Dunbar community.

Dunbar Life ad


The owner expanded his successful food tour company in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to include a different kind of visitor experience – The Great Race, based on the scavenger hunt style races found in other holiday destinations. It was important to the owner that the clientele feel an emotional connection to the city and share in his community give-back. My client was so focused, making it easy to write the copy and attract particpants with a desire to explore and experience his adopted city.

Puerto Vallarta Race


NORTHWEST TRAVEL & LIFE – Freelance Magazine writer 

I write food and travel articles so when Northwest Travel Magazine was running a special edition about food in the Pacific Northwest, they asked me to cover the Mikuni Wild Harvest story.

masthead (byline info)


a few more…

New Leaf Pistachios – I did the copy for these consumer organic pistachios. Matt did the package design (which is beautiful). The client, Ryan Farhadian, owns Biston Trading.

Primal Communications – I wrote the print and digital copy for Destination BC’s 2016, 10 page food and tourism brochure for Vancouver Island.

Zoom Consulting – government proposals; web copy

Stong’s Market – social media creation, content & management

Cori’s Kitchen – Director of Communications / social media creation, content & management

Churn Gourmet Handmade Butter – package descriptions

CirKids School of Circus Arts  – web writer (the original site)

Magazine Writing

Saveur Magazine

Canadian Grocer

Northwest Travel & Life Magazine

Western Living

Taste Magazine 

The Georgia Straight

The Vancouver Sun

…there’s many stories on my blog – a good way to sample my writing – but this one tells a story about a very special person.