The Pie Theory for About Pages

pie and about pages

This is my theory of pie and the About pages. Most everyone likes a good piece of pie and everyone likes a good About page. Both are rare, however.

They are similar in other ways. They are both consumed faster than they take to make. They are satisfying and they make great memories. I say as much about food and writing on my own About page.

It’s work to make something good, but the final result is something everyone wants. Who can resist that? It’s the way of the best.

You can buy or you can create it yourself but first you need to find the essence of what you’re making. Here’s what I do.

A Caveat

My theory doesn’t work with store-bought pies. Only handmade. It’s handmade that gets the attention. Handmade for a website and handmade pies.


When I make a pie, I think about who I’m making it for. I think about the person or function when I make the pastry, roll out the dough, when I place in the filling, when it’s baking. I think other things, but my foremost thoughts are who the pie is for.

I do the same for an About page. I interview the person, find a hook (usually a very small anecdote), think (often for days), and then write. At every stage I am considering my client and their ideal client.

You have to do this. Whether you’re writing your own About page or getting someone (me?) to do it. This is the real meaning of focus.

Show a Little Bit of Emotion

When you eat a slice of blueberry pie, which everyone knows is fantastic, you have an emotional reaction – that was good! Maybe not effusively emotional, but there are many kinds of emotion and anyway writing an About page is always about you as you pertain to your business.

A blueberry pie makes you feel warm all over and gives you blue teeth. What else does that?

Your About page should (sans the blue teeth).

There are many reasons people hire you or buy your product – price, convenience, inertia, interest, and you. Don’t overlook your part in what you are offering. People are emotional; all animals are. We, as consumers (and eaters), respond to this. So, show some emotion.

With Ice Cream?

The About page is the dessert of a website. The perfect piece of pie we’re all waiting for.

Pie à la mode, as the Americans say, makes it better. Pie with ice cream is so well matched that we want more (even though we have no room).

Do the same. Give your About page the best pie treatment. Make it so good that readers come back for more.