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Halibut fish boat

Halibut Cheeks in Butter

Halibut season is here. It’s crazy stupid expensive but worth it.

G & Luisa

Luisa’s Kitchen

In Ruth Reichl’s book, Comfort Me With Apples, she describes


The Stinky Cabbage

Cabbages are dismissed or at least overlooked for

Ikea Ketchup

Groceries at Ikea

Ikea’s grocery section is the anybodies version of the

White Shortbread

Boulter’s Shortbread

I have five kinds of Christmas cookies that I 


Big Beautiful Pots

If someone gives you one of these, they love you. They’re not cheap – your loved one or


Weird Cookies

My grandmother, my mother’s mother, always looked the same to me, from the time I was aware of her as a little kid to

oatmeal cookies

Bacon Oatmeal Cookies

Who would have known that bacon would achieve celebrity status. But these are heady days for


Invisible Words

Sometimes the little words get read right over. Especially when it’s about food and health.



Saffron infused yoghurt and fresh BC fruit go together like you would expect – perfectly.

sliced ham 1

As you know it – Ham

Canadian and American ham terminology can ruin your Easter dinner if you don’t get it straight.


Buying Creative Services #1

Creative services 101. Who are these people, where do I find them, and what do they cost? Find out in this 3 part series.