Bring your vision home. Whatever you plan for your clients – growing sales, launching a product, developing a brand, a new website, digital networking – my copy is your vision articulated.

I’m a writer specializing in the food business. Food, the always exciting, always evolving field, has been my business for 40 years.

“We were referred to Leslie for copywriting for a Wine & Culinary guide we were designing. Leslie’s experience writing for food and culinary markets put her far ahead of our usual copywriters and the end result impressed our client! Throughout the process Leslie was professional and her experience shone bright! Her first draft was almost perfect and required very little editing, helping us with a relatively tight deadline! I highly recommend Leslie at Foodwords for any writing in the food, wine and culinary market!”  Robert Dodds – Primal Communications Ltd

I deliver on time and on budget (have never missed a deadline). I like being part of a creative team. Plus, I speak your food client’s language so I understand them. Things like…

  • the complexities of farming, commercial food preparation, distribution, and grocery sales
  • their food buying customer
  • their competition
  • their drive, passion, and culture

I’m on top of your client’s professional interests because I read the same publications they do – and I write for them. Industry news affects their decisions so I need to be current.

  • food and buying trends
  • new products and ingredients
  • packaging specifications
  • food sales and marketing

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