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Brown Eggs

Organic Easter Eggs

Even though my 20 something kid no longer participates (nor lives at home, I’m proud to say), I still like making pretty coloured eggs at Easter time. To get the true colours, I’ve always used

over Blaine Food Words

About the About Page

Like a dating profile, an About page is a good story. It’s about real people and what they care about. But how to write one for business? Here’s my approach…


The Worth of Christmas Cookies

A very long time ago I gave about fifteen dozen homemade Christmas cookies to


Brown Sugar Shortbread

For obvious reasons, these are called Mum’s Shortbread in our family. It’s the recipe our


!*%#* The F Word

Remember when you were little and you swore? Then the other kid said, “I’m telling, you said the F word.” It was the one of those times when you thought,

peaches for sale

SEO & the Writer

Words on the Internet are in a battle with technology. In 2008, a very long time ago in Internet time, I read two food bloggers – Smitten Kitchen and Lobster Squad.

local fruit

How to Eat Local

I was talking to Langley berry farmer, Rhonda Driediger about her customer’s enthusiasm, “when it’s winter, people ask when the

Hop On 3

Hop On Farms

Amazing what we have in our city. Long before there were farmer’s markets Burnaby has had commercial market gardens selling local seasonal produce.

Halibut fish boat

Halibut Cheeks in Butter

Halibut season is here. It’s crazy stupid expensive but worth it.

G & Luisa

Luisa’s Kitchen

In Ruth Reichl’s book, Comfort Me With Apples, she describes


The Stinky Cabbage

Cabbages are dismissed or at least overlooked for

Ikea Ketchup

Groceries at Ikea

Ikea’s grocery section is the anybodies version of the