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04th October 2011, in Fraser Valley, Groceries, Meat, USE IT (2 Comments)

Ah, to be a dog with a chew toy. The jerky experience that is Billy Bob’s. His is not the flat paper kind but little bumpy sticks. No picture because there is no ‘good side’ – unless you share grade five boy humour. Besides, I ate them all. They’re good desk food.

Billy Bob makes his jerky in-house, including the South African kind, Biltong (see what I mean about not being photogenic).

The distinguishing seasoning for biltong is corriander, which gives it more of a flavour than the North American variety. You can get a fair sampling as Billy Bob also brings in another person’s biltong.

If this is what you’re looking for, hurry because Billy Bob is making noises about selling. But only if the right jerky loving buyer comes along.

What you’d also get is a store full of hot sauces. Some of them more expensive than a single malt. More expensive than caviar. Funny how it doesn’t have the same luxury cache. Possibly because of the clever names and labels?

This is a hot sauce emporium, with everything from mild to stupid hot. Billy Bob travels around looking for the obscure and the favoured. If you can’t find that sauce you used in Mauritius, maybe it’s here.

You can also get in some good shop talk – Billy Bob is one of those people who can taste the flavours in hot peppers. That, I believe, puts him in the connoisseur category. Lots of people talk the hot, few live it.

Billy Bob’s Jerky
8645 Young Rd. Chilliwack
Billy Bob’s


October 11, 2011 5:34 pm

PaulO (@@bcoutdoor)

Enjoy the Biltong recipe. If you have any improvements, I’d love to get some feedback on my blog!

October 12 2011 16:04 pm


Absolutely, will put my nephew on this and report back.

BTW, Paul's blog goes deeper than the biltong recipe. It's filled to the brim with good stuff about the great outdoors, like catching, cooking and eating trout.

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