A Year Later

21st September 2011, in FIND IT, Speciality Food Communications (0 Comments)

I launched Food Words a year ago last September. It’s gratifying to find that I was right: People do appreciate reviews of the food we bring into our kitchen. They like a back story. That’s because provenance makes food taste better.

Lots is written about local producers and farmer’s markets – and we need this. But we also need to know about the food on the grocery shelves. Not Kraft or General Mills, the small stuff, the imports or new foods that have no big advertising and sometimes dodgy foreign labels. We either don’t know or trust them, but it’s exactly these under-the-radar foods that interest and fascinate me. Not a Food Network weird food show but also more useful.

My favourite find this year? Believe it or not, among the many, one stands out. It’s the biscotti all’ arancia I found at Bianca Maria’s – 2469 E. Hastings St., Vancouver (near Nanaimo & Rio’s Meats. No website). They were out the last time I was in but they said they’re getting more.

As a place to shop, well, there are only a few of these Italian small, old style stores left. If this were New York, we’d be all over Bianca Maria’s, praising her for her devotion. There’s time in this store – to ask questions, to learn something about cooking.

As for the biscotti, the orange pieces are big and chewy, bitter and sweet. And the packaging is so beautiful you can make it a gift.

Food and the people who bring it to us, that’s the focus around here. And will continue to be. Enjoy the reads. And thank you; love that you’re here.

A Year Later

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