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The picture, the girl with the roses, is a close up from les Anis de Flavigny’s rose flavoured candy tin, which are imported by Qualifirst, a Canadian importer and distributor of mostly European foods. Pretty, isn’t it?

This importer has a Facebook page. That’s a new thing. Before social media, importers were invisible. Actually, most still are but a few have expanded their marketing to include us, the people who bring the groceries home.

Typically, to get something special, we ask at the store. Maybe they can help, maybe they can’t. If we’re really tenacious and take initiative to call a wholesaler, we’re generally told to contact a retailer.

Now, we can hit the “Like” button. Besides expanding our pantry and food knowledge, we get more information about our food source. Importers are out there shopping in faraway places, they have something to add to the conversation.

Currently, Qualifirst posts 3x a week, which is quite enough to keep us informed and inspired. The recipes come on Fridays, in time for weekend cooking.

How to find a product you see? Connect with them directly on Facebook or through their website.

Like so many other import companies, Qualifirst (which opened in 1957 as Far-Met here in Vancouver) was initiated by transplants wanting familiar foods from home – in this case, French. The company has since expanded into Toronto and Montreal.

The specialty and import food business is small enough in Canada, more visibility of this kind is good for consumers.

Qualifirst Importers

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