Dove Tale Collections

15th March 2011, in FIND IT (0 Comments)

Because my business is food writing for food businesses, Dove Tale (gourmet food importers in Ottawa) got my attention, specifically their product blog. It’s a really good example of how the wholesale sector could be blogging about food.

Wholesaler’s websites tend to be meat and potato stops, like their warehouse locations: product, size, description, shipping.

Curious, I called and got Brett Hooper, the creative guy behind Dove Tale’s marketing. They’ve done what you have to do, got inside the box. Instead of waiting for a trade show to show off their stuff, they display everyday online. As it happens, the style attracts producers looking for representation that recognizes their whole business.

Specialty food customers like information about food almost as much as they like food (am I right?). They talk about what they’re eating, says Brett – how it’s made, where it comes from, who made it, how to use it. And since every producer has a back story, why not pass it along through the supply chain?

Retailers like it, helps them answer questions on the floor. Personally, I like a place where the staff actually know something about the food. Not just product information but the passion. Stories make food taste better.

Dove Tale Collections

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