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05th February 2011, in Tips & Techniques, USE IT, Vegetables (0 Comments)

Here’s a useful piece of information if you have a recipe calling for fresh tomatoes.

1 x 14 oz can of San Marzano tomatoes = 10 fresh Roma tomatoes

Any good can of tomatoes will yield the same but San Marzanos have a cachet in the cooking world for being richer, sweeter, plumper, redder, sunnier, and altogether unmatchable.

They are good. Better than Aylmer’s. They’re also twice, sometimes three times the price. Are they worth it?

There are lots of Italian canned tomatoes but production of the San Marzano variety is regulated, like many European agricultural products.

Of the many rules imposed by the tomato police, producers can only add a small percentage of tomato paste to each can, so at least you know the richness comes from the tomato.

But here’s the definitive (probably unauthorized) San Marzano tomato site. Just San Marzanzos – history, growing, eating, buying, marketing – from a clearly interested Jason Morrow.

To understand the stamps of approval (they’re Italian, there’s three), here’s what the San Marzano Tomato Consortium has to say.

So is the can I show here an impostor?

Tomato Post

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