The Italian Bakery

05th February 2011, in Baking, Bread, FIND IT, Vancouver Island (0 Comments)

If you’re the only one, calling yourself  The Italian Bakery makes perfect sense. It’s what people are going to call you anyway. It’s not as though it were in Italy, where the name might seem presumptuous or confusing. Nor is it in Vancouver. It’s in Victoria.

When the Italian Bakery opened in 1978, it was the only one in the city. Now there’s more. But still, nobody makes croissants like Alberto Tozzollo. Not there. Not here.

They are not like the French would have them be, but more dense. Flakey on the outside with layers of soft, chewy dough inside. Messy like their French cousins, they also want butter and jam. Apricot is nice.

Sadly, I do not have a picture of one because I ate them all before it occurred to me that people might want to see.

No matter, the cakes are good, so are the little confections, the cookies, the bread, the brioche, and maybe even the coffee and the gelato, too. You can hang out there to watch the steady flow of traffic.

It’s right on noisy Quadra Street, not much around. Wonderful if you happen to live in the neighbourhood, a destination if you don’t.

3197 Quadra St.
no website

The Italian Bakery

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