Lobster Blowout

24th February 2011, in Fish, Tri-Cities, USE IT (0 Comments)

Awhile back I learned that Tracey Bates, who owns Eden West Fine Foods in Port Moody is married to a lobster wholesaler. They are both from Nova Scotia so pay attention.

Fabian Bates supplies to restaurants, the higher end ones with exacting standards (more about this in Part 2 coming up).

Tracey runs a cooking school as well and occasionally offers this all-about-lobster class. She’s arranged it so Fabian covers the cooking and cracking of and Glenys Morgan teaches different ways to use it. Really, it’s two classes in one.

And it’s supremely messy and physical. A gratifying after-work activity. Like yoga but different.

As you’d expect, lots of good information but the bonus is always in the incidentals – which you get from someone with the experience of Glenys (who also teaches at Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks). For instance:

- She likes to roast the shellfish shells before she makes her stock. The results are sweeter. Simmer just 30 minutes or it will be too strong.
- Meyer lemons make good preserved lemons.
- Tomato raisins – halve cherry tomatoes, place cut side up on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, sprinkle with coarse salt, roast 30 min. in a 300 oven. Use as garnish.
- Italians don’t mix cheese and fish, which isn’t to say it isn’t done but interesting to note.

Glenys’ menu:

lobster risotto infused with saffron
lobster cakes with mango salsa
lobster and citrus salad
lobster in drawn butter
lemon souffle with raspberry coulis

Plus, Tracey offered two east coast classics: an appetizer-sized lobster poor boy and a lobster spread in (non classic) phyllo cups. Also a sommelier, she paired 3 whites with the menu: a Spanish Cava, a French Chardonnay, and a South African Viognier.

The lobster class runs periodically, check the calendar where you’ll find cost and other good classes. Think in advance; they book up.

Eden West Fine Foods
2500 St. Johns St., Port Moody

Lobster Blowout

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