Blair Mart

30th December 2010, in Cheese, FIND IT, Groceries, Vancouver Island (0 Comments)

Apparently I’m a sucker for food stores with non traditional lighting fixtures. And it seems Persians like them too. Remember Ayoub’s?

Was in Victoria earlier this month and at the suggestion of my nephew, went to Blair Mart. Their brochure, with camels and Bedouins says, “a treasure trove of foods from Greece, Turkey, Arabia & Persia”.  And so it is. All displayed among the plastic palms and beaded lamps.

This is the place for pomegranate syrup, spices, saffron, nuts, cheeses, and sauces of the vast region defined on the brochure. But the extra good things? the olives with giant chunks of preserved lemons and the fresh phyllo pies.

Oh, and the owner, Mehdi Beigi, a man who doesn’t just welcome, he greets, like corporate retailers could only wish. And should you show interest in the food, you’re treated to samples – except they’re more like offerings.

So, it isn’t just the lamps, it’s the owner with food in his heart, on his sleeve, in his bones.

Blair Mart
924 Pandora Ave.
Victoria, BC
no website
Blair Mart

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