Sanding Sugar

26th November 2010, in Baking, Burnaby, USE IT, Vancouver (0 Comments)

Gourmet Warehouse
Galloway’s (best price – around $3. for 200g)

I have this delusion that a few well placed sprinkles can make my holiday baking magazine-perfect. Once I even read Martha and got the hot tip of adding a bit of blue sanding sugar to the white for an icy cold winter’s day effect. Been coasting ever since.

That is until now, when I found Bake at 350, a cookie decorator with paint brushes, pots of corn syrup, and more colours of sanding sugar than there are paint chips. If she doesn’t have the right colour, she makes it! Sheesh.

Sanding sugar (sometimes called decorator’s sugar or sugar nibs) can take the heat. Used for decorating, not baking, it comes out of the oven the way it goes in – crunchy and sparkly, reflecting the light the way things do at this time of year.

I’ve seen it in fine and coarse but there doesn’t seem to be any labelling standards, you have to look at it. And since it’s not that easy to find, buy what you see. Lots of colour choices, usually bright.

It’s not cheap  but then you don’t use it by the cup full either. Anyway, it makes you look good – even without a paint brush.

Sanding Sugar

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