Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli

18th November 2010, in Burnaby, Cheese, FIND IT, Groceries, Meat (0 Comments)

Cioffi’s falls into the category of beautiful stores in our town. And I don’t even have a new baby to show off to the ladies behind the counter. No separation of food and family at Cioffi’s – babies, olives, nonnas, lamb (Italian meat markets almost always have local lamb), pasta, vinegars…

This is Rino and Sergio Cioffi’s store. Their dad started it in 1989 and though he’s no longer here to see what his boys have done, he would have to admire their vision.

The store is bigger but no less crowded because (very sensibly) they filled the space with stock. It’s not for the rushed. But then slow food started with the Italians. You can practice here.

As independent retailers, Rino and Sergio can source suppliers they like (remember that old relationship thing?). Which means choices you don’t get from bigger stores and why you find honey from a small Italian producer and four kinds of provolone cheese. The expertise is in choosing the right things.

Lots more to be said about Cioffi’s – the sopresetta (a cured pork sausage for your antipasto platter) made in-store, the hot take out food, the butchers, the ladies behind the counter. I’ll get to all that later.

Right now the place is filling up  for the holiday season – panettone hanging from ceiling, nougat tied up with ribbon, chestnuts, panforte, burrata cheese (more about it here). And people. Busy but glorious, holiday shopping as it should be.

Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli
4156 Hastings St.,
(no web site)
Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli

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