Chicken Out! Campaign

04th November 2010, in FIND IT (1 Comments)

I brought some eggs back from a farm in Summerland last time I was up and gave a dozen to my friend Helen, who’s a bit of an egg lover. She got pretty excited, told everyone,┬áin great detail, about the meatiness of the whites. Helen’s egg grading is well past the yolk.

Farm eggs are better, we get that. But getting them is harder. Usually we’re standing in front of a stack of crates in the cooler at the store. And there are choices.

First there’s the packaging. Styrofoam is out. So is plastic #6. But wait, the organic ones come in that container. Hmm. Never mind, they’re shipped from Ontario. I’m good with the compressed paper carton so now I’m looking at free range, free run, farm fresh…

This is what has become of the perfect food? I just want an egg that tastes good from a chicken that has a life. Which one is that?

The answer comes from Chicken Out! The Vancouver Humane Society project with the handy wallet-size pamphlet that sorts out the confusion. Here’s the condensed version; their website has it all.

Free Range: Hens have access to outdoors. How much time varies among farms. You have to ask.
Free Run: The girls get to roam around inside a barn but have no outside access. Again, ask for details.
Certified Organic: Free range with access to outdoors. Healthy food and nicer digs with perches, nest boxes, and dust baths. These farms are audited for certification.
SPCA Certified: Birds could be either free range or free run and also have the same domestic appointments as their organic sisters.
If you want to be 100% sure, eat organic.
As for all the other eggs including farm fresh? Chicken tenements. Birds stacked up in battery cages too small for movement. No flapping, dusting, pecking, or any other chicken fun.

All the glorious chicken pics are courtesy of Chicken Out! Thanks.

Chicken Out! Campaign


November 21, 2010 11:30 pm

Melinda Huntley (

I’m desperate to know where to buy happy, free running chickens that are tasty. Sometimes buy a Reid chicken from capers. The best chicken I ever tasted was in Nairobi duh they’re all free range!

November 22 2010 12:07 pm


what about a Redbro from Polderside Farms? Here's the story on them -

or Lamington Heritage Farm in Langley - 604-530-0559. Call first and closer than Nairobi.

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