Russian Red Garlic

18th October 2010, in FIND IT, Tri-Cities, Vegetables (6 Comments)

Is there anything you can’t get on Craigslist? I read that the BC government listed the Albion ferries (no takers). And today I found garlic posted there.

So, what is going on that we have to get good garlic from Craigslist, because it sure isn’t easy to find in the produce section. You have to be looking for it.

Most of the garlic commercially available to us comes from China and California. It’s cheap. Russian Red, the variety offered on Craigslist from Natureway Farm Market in Coquitlam, ranges in price from $7.95 to $9.95 lb. Chinese garlic is half that, if not less.

I can’t imagine that it’s a very lucrative business being a Chinese garlic farmer. But I have a dated image of a family out hoeing the field when quite the opposite is true.

The garlic grown in California and China, which is not red but the silverskin variety, can be mechanically planted – little garlics plopped by machine into the dirt. Russian Red, which is one of many kinds grown in BC, must be hand planted, stem up. We’re the ones bending our backs. And that costs money.

What makes ours better? The texture and taste – nice and crunchy with some juice, a little bit sticky. Natureway Farm Market describes it as having a strong garlic flavour with a warm sweet aftertaste. It keeps about 6 months. Good to know if you’re buying a case lot.

Natureway Farm Market
#9-1449 Prairie Ave,
Port Coquitlam
Hours: 9:am-7:pm

Russian Red Garlic


July 16, 2012 12:32 pm

Chris (@Twitter ID)

I highly recommend Natureway Farm Market!

Felix sells some excellent Euro foodstuff, including the large and super burning Russian Garlic.

I understand Russian Garlic grows in soil imported from Chernobyl, which beats the sewage Chinese garlic is grown in LOL

July 21 2012 22:26 pm


Good to hear. About Natureway, that is. As far as galactic garlic goes, best to stay close to home.

July 23, 2012 7:30 pm

Bernie Hayes (@Twitter ID)

Anyone with a little space for gardening should try to grow their own garlic! I grew 120 garlic bulbs in my Burnaby backyard, both Red Russian and Music in one plot, planted 8 inches apart. All but a few of them turned out great, despite all the rain this year, and the Russian in particular are large and so healthy looking. It was much easier than trying to grow tomatoes, peppers, or cukes. From now on, I will produce my own garlic every year.

July 24 2012 21:29 pm


Like the sound of this. Don't grow anything except flowers but could get behind garlic. It looks good, too.

November 4, 2012 3:22 pm


If you have to keep them longer than 6 months you can always peel them and pop them in the freezer. They keep great that way!

November 08 2012 10:56 am


This is good to know. Will try. And thanks for passing along.

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