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Pomegranate growers have been promoting their fruit in the last few years with information on how to successfully get into one. They pretty much cover it except for two things – time and mess. I bet the marketing gurus said to step around those issues because of the off-putting potential. Instead, they missed their chance to promote the Zen of pomegranate pursuit. Who doesn’t need calm, quiet, methodical work in their day?

So here’s the real way to approach a pomegranate:

1. Get an apron and set aside 20 minutes.
2. Slice the top off  – the first cut bleeds, but only a little of the scarlet juice is sacrificed.
3. Score the leathery skin down the sides into quarters.
4. Using your thumbs, dig in a little at the top so you have enough purchase to pull apart. It will separate along the scoring, leaving the seeds whole.
5. Some people separate the seeds in a bowl of water. The seeds fall to the bottom, the yellow pith floats. But my Iranian neighbours had never heard of this and being a fruit from that part of the world, I guess they’re experienced. In any case, it’s a question picking the arils away from the pith.

Now that you have a bowl of beautiful glassy red jewels you can use them in salads or garnish some fruity lamb shanks. Or do as my friend James does and put the bowl on the table so your guests can spoon some into their palm.

Usually it’s the simple things that wow.


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