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The new Galloways is open in south Burnaby.

This is a name in our retail food history. Galloways was the place for baking and bulk supplies. They’ve never gone away but finding them after they left their original location always required some kind of divination. They moved a lot.

The original Robson Street location opened in the 1940’s. It’s been gone some 30 years but in my head I illogically thought I would find it in this new store.

That original store, so you know, was firmly in the category of old-world – long and narrow, dim, the scent of cloves, open sacks of grains and beans bumping your toes, jars of candies, display cases of candied fruit, Germanic no nonsense staff in lab coats, curious looking stock in dark corners. Not much space left for customers.

Well, of course duh, the new Galloways isn’t at all like this. The store, which fronts their large wholesale division, Annie’s Natural Foods (not associated with the Annie’s of canned vegetarian chilli), is flooded with natural light. Nothing could be more new world.

All the bulk goods are prepackaged in small and large sizes. They have separate packing rooms to avoid cross-contamination with gluten and nuts. But their focus is health and diet – whole grains, special flours, including the Ethiopian teff flour used for making injera (fermented bread).

It’s not the warmest shopping experience – I prefer the other, messier once related Galloway’s in New West, more like the old place – but this one fills a niche. Good place for baking supplies like sanding sugar and professional food colourings. They also have black cocoa, a super dark Dutch process cocoa and all those beans, legumes, flours and spices.

Galloway’s Specialty Foods
#110 – 8620 Glenlyon Parkwaay


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