Food Words Has Arrived!

19th September 2010, in FIND IT (2 Comments)

We’re here. Welcome.

We do a few things at Food Words – all to do with specialty and gourmet food shopping.

1. We’re communications consultants for the specialty food business – we create newsletters, websites, blogs, and manage social media promotions. That information is under “Our Services“.

2. We’re this site, a community-driven blog for finding good food in the greater Vancouver region (and short car rides beyond) – which we want you to contribute to. It will be a much better guide with your input. Food Words promises to manage content and tech stuff so you can be the expert. More info on the ‘Submit” page.

The ‘we’ of Food Words is Leslie Javorski and consulting design professionals.

We got here because we wanted an all-in-one place about food shopping in our city. We love the independents, the people who take so much care to bring beautiful food to us – immigrants who import the food that’s important to them, artisans who respect hand made, wholesalers who look for the exotic, retailers who carefully choose for their customers. It’s all for us.

What city wouldn’t envy a delicious resource like this?

Enjoy, Leslie

So you know, there’s two things we’re not…
1. We are not a store – you can’t buy from us because we don’t have anything to sell.
2. We don’t cover restaurants – done and done well elsewhere.
One other thing you won’t find here…
- the word foodie – it simply isn’t enough for us.
Food Words Has Arrived!


October 26, 2010 4:16 pm

Donna Wadsworth (@SavouryCity)

Loving it, and looking forward to more! There’s just so much to be found in this city, so glad you’re going to be out there sourcing it.

All the best, and have fun!


*Tartine makes fabulous little quiches and Alsatian tarte flambee – I always have a supply in my freezer.

October 28 2010 10:36 am


Thanks Donna, hope to hear more from you along the way.

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