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These onions were found in one of the many roadside stands in Keromeos. Mariposa Orchards, I believe, which is a photographer’s dream.

And these are a cook’s dream. All the parts of fresh-picked onions give a different flavour.

So… the wilted end of the tops go into stock.

The firmer, white green stem I roast on the grill like leeks, turning routinely, as onions have enough sugar content to scorch. When soft, I chop and toss into polenta during the last five minutes of cooking.

The bulb? Caramelize.

Slice 2-3 onions into rounds. Sauté in butter on medium low until almost cooked. Partially cover and sweat on low until soft – 15-20 minutes (sweating is using the moisture created by the cooking). Uncover, add a teaspoon of maple syrup or brown sugar, some chopped sage, and stir on low until brown – another 15-20 minutes.

There’s lots you can do with caramelized onions but since you’ve already nurtured them for 40 minutes, why not make the last leg easy. Spread a blue or goat cheese on thin baguette slices and top with a bit of the onion.


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