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Let Me Introduce You

I went to stay with my mother for three months in 2010 and wrote this then. It originally appeared on my first and now defunct blog, Peaches From a Woman. She died recently so it seems appropriate to have it here because without her I wouldn’t be eating and writing like I do. To my mother. To Kay. 

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Brown Food

Here it is the jolly ho ho time of year and I’m thinking about tinsel and pork pies, when into my inbox comes the Food Ingredients First weekly newsletter. They’re excited because brown food just got better.

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BC Peaches

Say goodbye until next year. The end of the peach season is here. I can tell because the texture changes and they are less juicy. The clarity of the flesh changes to milky, and worse

BC Cherries

Bowl of BC Cherries

There’s some debate whether the phrase, life is like a bowl of cherries, first appeared in a song or the phrase inspired the late 1920s song. It’s American and

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Blue Ribbon Pie

For those that read my Father’s Day Facebook post and wanted to know about making pie, here’s what I know.


A Sauerkraut Story

Fermented foods like sauerkraut have found a new and appreciative crowd. Perhaps not a big crowd but the health conscious and farm to table types value it for its raw goodness. I’m not sure they would like it otherwise. I’ve always found it to be a hard sell.

International Sausage bacon

International Sausage House

I wonder, do the guys at International Sausage know that bacon is the flavour of the decade? Would they care if they did? They’ve been making bacon and smoked sausage for years.

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Quick Pickled Vegetables

Here’s an easy way to pickle veggies overnight. The recipe is from Fannie Farmer and I was asked to make for former client, Peggy Boulter. Thanks, Peggy; I’ve being making ever since those days when I was your personal chef.

Hot Cross Bun

Shameful Hot Cross Buns

It’s the season of the Hot Cross Bun, at least for Christian types. I’ve noticed over the last six or seven years a number of Vancouver bakeries proclaiming their HCBs to be the best. Maybe.